Moot participants will camp at the Kaiyaba Scouts Centre which is situated slightly before you reach Nyeri town. This is a three acre piece of land that can accommodate 1000 campers at any one given time It is one of the newest and most beautiful campsites in Kenya and participants who will chose here will leave an impact to it .Mode of transport is only by road .Buses and Matatus (small 14 seater vans) are available at Tea room in Nairobi town and Machakos bus station in Nairobi. Moot participants will be taken there by chartered buses after the opening ceremony in Rowallan camp and will also be taken back after the four days expedition.
Nyeri town is a town in central province of Kenya and the administrative headquarters of the country’s Central Province and Nyeri district. The town is situated about 150 kilometers north of the Capital of Nairobi (About 2 hours drive).
A number of renowned people have hailed from Nyeri most notably Mwai Kibaki who is the current Kenyan president and patron of Kenya Scout, Nobel peace prize winner wangari Maathai and Catherine Ndereba who is a multiple winner of various marathon races in the world.
Nyeri is also the burial place of LORD BADEN POWEL OF GILWELL, the founder of the worldwide fraternity of the scout movement .He and his wife LADY OLIVE POWELL were buried in the same grave in pax tu cottage now a small museum that stands at the grounds of Outspan hotel.
The majority of residents are black Africans Kenyans, the largest group the Agikuyu.
Tourism is very significant here, as there are many tourists destinations nearby including the Abadares and the Mt. Kenya National park which is a home to many endangered species including the rare bongo, giant forest hog, wild dogs, black rhino, leopard servile, endemic birds species and reptile insects. It was at the Tree tops lodge where the queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne while on a retreat.
The park is also famous for freedom fighters hide outs at the mau mau cave.
The activities for Nyeri are listed below, kindly study them   carefully to enable you decide on this   centre.

Activities will include

  •     Mt. Kenya climb
  •     White water rafting
  •     Visit to Treetops( Aderdares National Park)
  •     Visit to BP’s Grave site and Paxtu
  •     Visit to Agikuyu Village
  •     Energy saving Jikos
  •     Tree Planting
  •     Community Service at Nyeri Childreb rescue centre
  •     Construction of Toilet block at the BP park
  •     Introduce or learn a new game
  •     Mugiithi/ one man guiter

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