The Rowallan National camp in situated  in Nairobi city about 20 minutes drive from the Central Business District .This is where  THE  WORLD SCOUT BUREAU –AFRICA REGIONAL OFFICE, KENYA SCOUT ASSOCIATION HEAD QUARTERS and THE DEPORT (where we have team building activities being carried out) are located.

The beauty of Rowallan camp is in the caves, hike routes, bird watching, friendly monkeys and baboons on site, seasonal river and Ngong sanctuary where we have the most indigenous flora in Kenya.
The campsite area occupies a 30 acre piece of land leaving a 60 acre piece of land with a natural forest. The campsites have good running water taps, good toilets and bathrooms, modern swimming pool with excellent facilities, friendship corner where campers can have informal meetings in a good atmosphere, campsite kitchens and a large arena for all outdoor activities.

There is also a big conference hall that is also suitable for indoor games, dormitories and Bandas (Small cubicles) for accommodating both large and small groups.
Nairobi is the capital city and the largest town in Kenya. It was started as a town in 1899 as a simple rail deport on the railway linking Mombasa to Uganda. The name Nairobi evolved from a  Maasai phrase ‘’Enkare Nyairobi ‘’ Which translates to ‘’The place of cool waters ‘’.The city offers  bustling markets , some interesting sightseeing and a lively night life. A holiday in Nairobi can be taken virtually any time although November –February are most popular with sun.
Names like ‘’Green city in the sun ‘and ‘’ City of flowers’’ attempt to describe the reality of Nairobi city. Nairobi is also the capital of Nairobi District. The city lies on the Nairobi River, in the south of the country and has an elevation of 1661m (5450 ft.)
There are several museums and places of interest in the centre, including National Museums of Kenya, known for a display on early humans in Kenya among others. It is also the world’s only capital with a park in town.
It is the Safari capital of Africa and a good base for travel in Kenya from here the excursions and expedition can be arranged to any of the exciting sites in the country.
All participants will assemble at the Rowallan camp and after the opening ceremony they will depart to the different expedition centers namely Machakos, Nyeri, Mombasa and Siaya for four days. The remaining days will be spent at the Rowallan camp.
This is also an expedition centre and will be Main moot venue after all participants are back from the other expedition centers.

Activities at Rowallan Scout camp in Nairobi will include

*     Matatu ride (amazing race)
*     Expedition at Hell’s gate
*     Nairobi Museum visit
*     Nairobi Safari walk
*     Maasai village(Boma)
*     Energy saving Jikos
*     Tree planting
*     Community service at  St. John’s church Pumwani
*     Construction of Trainers’ cubicles ( !0)
*     Introduce or learn a new game
*     Karaoke night
*     Radio Scouting

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