“Ultimate Discovery

Symbolic background of the rover section is “ ROUTE”

Young people today find themselves in an interconnected and first changing world. The threats to peace, environment degradation, epidemics such as HIV & AIDS, productivity and standards of living are unfolding during their life time. The economic melt-down is affecting livelihood of young people all over the world. Yet the political system, cultural and societal and gender norms have confined them within invisible boundaries thus curtailing the exploitation of their full potential as members of the interlinked world.

The youth will need to push themselves to the limit to cope with the new demands and challenges of acquiring knowledge and skills, mentorship and livelihood. They need to discover challenges and opportunities that face other youth across the world. The Moot program will expose the youth to situations and environment where they will discover how other youths have utilized both talents and natural resources in surmounting their challenges.

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